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Since 2007, J Wasser & Co has won accolades from Brooklyn’s most discerning property owners and tenants.Managing over 3,000 residential, mixed-use and commercial units, J Wasser & Co has distinguished itself through its understanding of the Brooklyn property scene and its responsiveness to the needs of property owners and tenants alike.With J Wasser & Co, everyone wins. Always.

Here to Help

Alex Kohn

Chief Operations Officer

Alex has a knack for effectively managing a large “to do list,” with each task fulfilled to perfection in a timely manner. Alex oversees maintenance and other key property needs effectively, with a strong attention to detail.

Shayna Cytryn

Rentals Manager

When there is a vacancy, Shayna immediately gets down to business to find suitable tenants at fair market value. Shayna enjoys a stellar relationship with many reputable rental agencies who assist in her work when necessary.

Austin Benscher

Senior Managing Director

As the manager for our leasing and legal department, Austin oversees all items in the office from leases, to legal items, to tenant balances, developing close relationships with property owners and tenants alike.

Sherry Winter

Regional Operations Manager

Sherry is personable and warm and does everything she can to help tenants with their maintenance issues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. She is organized and makes sure all requests are handled swiftly and efficiently.

Roxy Schwartz

Operations Manager

Roxy is super friendly, and has years of property maintenance under her belt. Roxy spends a significant amount of times solving tenants repair issues at lightning speed, giving top notch service while doing so.

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