Are you looking to purchase real estate in New York with rent controlled or rent stabilized units?There is very limited knowledge and lots of confusion regarding these regulations, even amongst seasoned real estate professionals, lenders and attorneys. The officially reported rent rolls and projected rent potential for these units are often inaccurate or subject to legal challenge. Countless investors have faced steep losses and/or legal hurdles following closing as a result of prior misinformation.

J Wasser & Co’s knowledge and experience regarding DHCR rent control and stabilization is second to none. Our real estate gurus, in coordination with top attorneys, have formed a special division to guide investors on what they can expect upon the purchase of these units. For a reasonable fee, we carefully review DHCR registration, leases and all other necessary information to verify accuracy and assess the level of long term risk involved.Please contact Meir at 718-854-5205 Ext. 104 or to see how we can help you make the wisest, most secure investment decisions.