Management Services

When J Wasser & Co manages a property, every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. Our team remains on top of every aspect of your property in the most efficient, professional manner. Our local experience and attention to detail enables us to devise a custom tailored management proposal for each property and property owner in accordance with their needs. Property owners are constantly updated on their property with a unique level of clarity and transparency – and are empowered to make important decisions with the optimal guidance and resources.See below for a brief overview of the management services we provide. For a detailed description of what we can do for your property, please contact Joe at 212-675-2262 or

J Wasser & Co is staffed by energetic, forward thinking Brooklyn residents and natives who see their work as a labor of love. Properties are maintained at an optimal level, and every phone call and email is responded to with exceptional speed and professionalism. Owners enjoy a unique level of transparency and decision making capability regarding their properties – with experienced, honest guidance and superb resources at every step.